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March 17, 2018
12:26 PM

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A History of Shows by 
Iron Mountain Stage Company

A history of the shows that Iron Mountain Stage Company has performed over the years since its inception in 1993. You can view show posters and programs associated with many of the shows after 2007. 
December 2015 
The Trial of Ebeneezer Scrooge 
Show Poster   Show Program 
August 2015 
The Hallelujah Girls 
Show Poster   Show Program 
December 2014 
A Christmas Mix 
Show Poster    
September 2014 
Show Poster 
December 2013 
Hand Bell Music 
Community Presbyterian Church Bell Chior

July 2013 
Costumes Optional 
Show Poster 
December 2012 
The Pearl 
Show Poster   
May 2012 
Queen of Bingo 
Show Poster    
October 2011
Inherit the Wind  
Show Poster   Show Program 
May 2011
Seniors of the Sahara
Show Program 
November 2010
The Kitchen Witches
Show Poster   Show Program
April 2010
DelVal Divas
Show Poster   Show Program
November 2009
Gift of Murder! 

 May 2009 
 A Spring Mix 

Show Poster   Show Program
 October 2008
The Girls of the Garden Club 
Show Poster 
October 2007
Aesop's (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables
May 2006 
The Bawdy Babes of Broadway
 November 2005 
July 2005 
Lilies of the Field
 April 2005 
Barefoot in the Park 
 December 2004 
 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 
July 2004  
 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh 
March 2004  
A View from the Bridge  
 December 2003 
 A Christmas Carol 
 July 2003 
The Gondoliers  
 March 2003 
 Moon Over Buffalo 
November 2002  
 Blithe Spirit
 July 2002 
 The Pirates of Penzance 
 April 2002 
 November 2001 
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940  
July 2001  
The Mikado  
 April 2001 
 December 2000 
 A Christmas Carol 
July 2000 
H.M.S. Pinafore  
 June 2000 
 Spoon River Anthology 
 April 2000 
Broadway: Skyline  
 November 1999
Broadway: Skyline 
 August 1999
 Broadway: Skyline
May 1999   
Steel Magnolias  
February 1999  
Beyond Therapy  
 December 1998 
A Christmas Carol 
 October 1998
The Importance of Being Earnest  
 April 1998 
October 1997  
 Bell, Book and Candle 
 August 1997 
 Lend Me a Tenor 
 May 1997 
Night Watch  
December 1996  
 October 1996 
 The Odd Couple (female version) 
August 1996  
 Closer Than Ever 
April 1996  
Hot l Baltimore  
March 1996  
The Trial of Goldilocks and Williams Window 
 February 1996 
 Closer Than Ever 
 December 1995 
A Christmas Cornucopia  
October 1995  
 The Rainmaker 
May 1995 
Vital Signs  
March 1995 
Twelve Angry Men 
 December 1994 
A Christmas Carol 
 July 1994 
  The Fantasticks 
 December 1993 
 A Christmas Carol 
October 1993  
 The Fantasticks 
 June 1993 
 Plaza Suite 

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